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Live Online CISSP Training Course

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Live Online CISSP® Training Course

Backed by decades of learning science, we know that the best way to pass an exam is to learn, practice, and retain the material for the long term – not just cram for the test.

Led by (ISC)2 authorized and CISSP certified instructors with an average of more than 10 years experience, you’ll enjoy the structure, delivery, and convenience of our 12-week online course.

You will be supported by videos on demand, more than 2,000 practice questions, innovative learning delivery with light board technology, and the best test day strategies in the business. Plus, offer the industry’s only diagnostic test to deliver your personalized and efficient study plan.

Uniquely Comprehensive

Our unique course includes 300+ hours of structured learning including more than 70 hours of live and on-demand expert instruction from working cybersecurity practitioners. Plus with 2,000 practice questions – the largest library in the industry – coupled with a study pack that includes Official CISSP Common Body of Knowledge, CISSP Cert Guide, and CyberVista’s Lesson Book, you will have all of the resources you need to learn and retain the material.

Innovative Learning Technology and Delivery

CyberVista delivers the learning content to your fingertips in a state-of-the-art learning management system.  You will prepare with unlimited access to content specific videos, a library of over 2,000 practice questions, CyberVista Quick Notes and flashcards as well as practice with computer-based tests.

Plus for your live online classes, you’ll experience our expert instructors through light board technology. You won’t spend your time looking at an instructor’s back in our course.


Our Program Fits Your Life

Our 12-week program fits into your life. You don’t need to take time away from work and or home. We combine the rigor of structured scheduled sessions with the convenience of online instruction. 

Enroll and Succeed

Earn your CISSP credential, globally recognized as a gold standard in cybersecurity certification. The CISSP certification is intended for professionals who have at least 5 years of recent full-time professional and applicable work experience.

But for those working toward 5 years work experience, you can still complete the CISSP exam now, become an (ISC)² Associate, and continue to work toward completing the experience requirements to become fully certified.

2017 Course Schedule

Course Start Date Live Session Day Live Session Time
May 27, 2017 Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm ET
June 8, 2017 Thursday 6pm-9pm ET
June 22, 2017 Thursday 6pm-9pm ET
July 5, 2017 Wednesday 6pm-9pm ET
July 15, 2017 Saturday 11:00am-2:00pm ET
August 8, 2017 Tuesday 6pm-9pm ET
August 26, 2017 Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm ET
September 6, 2017 Wednesday 6pm-9pm ET
September 28, 2017 Thursday 6pm-9pm ET
October 10, 2017 Tuesday 6pm-9pm ET
October 25, 2017 Wednesday 6pm-9pm ET
November 9, 2017 Thursday 6pm-9pm ET
November 21, 2017 Tuesday 6pm-9pm ET
December 6, 2017 Wednesday 6pm-9pm ET
December 21, 2017 Thursday 6pm-9pm ET

Pre-Purchase Vouchers

CyberVista CISSP training vouchers allow you to stretch your certification training budget.  Our voucher packages offer your organization the option to purchase seats for our online CISSP training in bulk quantity and save.

From the drop-down on the right hand side, select Pre-Purchase Vouchers in groups of 1, 5, 10, or 25. With an increase in quantity comes an even greater discount! Individuals can enroll in a CISSP course using the purchased voucher at any time within one year of the original purchase. Best of all, vouchers are transferable within your organization – no dedicated student names are required at purchase.

Let your training dollars work harder for you. Allocate your training budget now and set up your security organization for success.